I recently contacted c-gear to order some replacement patches where tent pegs had been driven through my mat only to find mine was one of the first mats made by c gear.

Honestly the mat is in great condition and you wouldn’t know it was 12 years old by looking at it. I have no doubt it will last another 12 years.



Frankston South, VIC


  A few weeks ago we bought two Multimats from you. What impressed us in the first place when we contacted the company was the friendly customer service and the products were dropped off at our home the SAME day – that’s well and truly excellent service. We have now used the mats a few times and we are impressed – easy to store, easy to clean and overall a top product. We have worked as tour operators for many years, tried a lot of different ground sheets and finally we have found the right one. Great Product!

Thanks again for your service.


Peter Hemming, Managing Director, Melbourne’s Day Best Tours



I recently stumbled upon CGear’s website.

I was so impressed with what I saw on the website demonstration video that decided to become a retailer. From my very first contact, I have been very impressed with the level of professionalism, efficiency, & support I have received. Better still, the product is actually as good as the demonstration video shows - there is no trick photography!!!

Well done CGear!


Fiona Kelly - Camper’s Delight


We have been on Stage 4 Water Restrictions for the last 4 years and have not been able to water. In the summer months in the busy parts of our park sites turn to dust and having these mats down reduces dust and dirt taken in to vans, and provides some green around our park. Most caravaners put something similar over the slabs anyway and think these are wonderful, they don’t have to get theirs out and then fold it up and put it away again.


We put 1 down on an ensuite site under a big tree that was just a dustbowl, we did not want to put a slab down because of the tree roots and rising salt that is causing problems with existing slabs and still want the flexibility of having and ensuite site for tents. This has been very successful with lots of good comments from campers (who are a little hesitant to put pegs through mats) but soon discover this does not damage the mat and caravaners who don not get left with a puddle outside their door IF it happens to rain. The other 3 mats were placed on sites close to our amenities block where cabins had previously been located and not even weeds would grow.



Linda Johnston.

Owner - Golden Nugget Tourist Park


Last year, I packed a CGear Multimat 2.4m x 4.3m, thinking to myself that it would be like most of the other mats I had used on previous desert tips. How wrong I was!!! It proved to be everything your advertising proclaimed and more. We had 28 nights of desert camping and without a doubt it outshone any other ground sheet, mat or cloth ground cover I had ever used. It went under my RV4 Oz Tent and extended in front under the awning to provide a clean and sand-free entry way and relaxation area. Not once did I have to pack the tent away with sandy or dirty base as it was completely protected by the CGear Multimat. When the wind got up, the mat stayed in place with only minimal pegging and it is easy to pack away and store.


It has since made another quick trip across the Simpson Desert and in even the sandiest of campsites it made life so much more comfortable. The mat now is automatically packed for all camping trips and even in the High Country on damp grass it is better by far than any of the alternatives I had previously used.


It is now with total confidence that I recommend the CGear Mutimat to our customers in the knowledge that it does all that it claims. As the ad for another product says, "don't leave home without one"!!



David Neale

Owner Bairnsdale Camping & Outdoors